Pokemon Go Craze Crashes Servers, Draws Police Warnings

Pokemon Go Craze Crashes Servers, Draws Police Warnings
  • Nintendo’s Pokemon Go was launched on Wednesday last week
  • Pokemon Go has outpaced all other apps with most number of downloads
  • It is an augmented reality game to catch Pokemons

High demand for the mobile augmented-reality gamePokemon Go crashed the app’s servers in Australia Tuesday, while attracting safety and trespassing warnings from police.

The game has been a huge hit with players since it was rolled out in Australia, New Zealand and the United Stateslate last week, with more than five million downloads on the Android Google Play app store. It has also topped Apple’s app charts.

A Pokemon “walk” in Sydney on Sunday saw thousands of gamers descend on the iconic harbour, chasing virtual cartoon character monsters around the Opera House and Botanical Gardens with their mobile phones.

“(Western Australia) Police have received numerous reports of Pokemon around the state. Rest assured – we’re gonna catch ’em all!” quipped the police force on Facebook, using the game’s tagline.

But they warned that “‘I was collecting Pokemon’ is not a legal defence against a charge of trespass, so be sure that you have permission to enter an area or building.”

Officers in the northern city of Darwin also took to the social media website to advise users that while their police station featured as a “Pokestop” – locations where players can pick up supplies – gamers did not have to enter it to get the items.

In Sydney and Melbourne, where “Pokemon” has been trending high on Twitter, users complained about crashed servers, with one posting: “Twitter = moral support group for when #pokemongo server goes down”.

“Finally the world has found something to unite about. Our collective trauma of the #PokemonGo server being down,” another user wrote.

Guy Blomberg, who arranged the Sydney “walk”, said he hoped to organise larger get-togethers at the Oz Comic-Con and PAX Australia video game conventions, which he helps run, later this year.

“Even on the train this morning, there were other people playing, so I leant over and went, ‘What have you caught today?’,” he told AFP.

“It’s a great conversation starter.”

The app’s popularity has sent shares in Nintendo, which has invested in the game’s developer Niantic after it was spun off from tech giant Google, soaring by more than 40 percent over three trading sessions in Japan.

“It is a truly incredible offering,” chief market strategist at IG Chris Weston wrote in a note Tuesday.

“Still, as someone who missed the original Pokemon craze, I am finding the idea of millennials transfixed on their phones through the streets of Melbourne like a scene from ‘The Walking Dead’ quite concerning.”

Notion Ink Able 10 Windows 10 Convertible Officially Launched in India

  • It runs Windows 10 out-of-the-box
  • The company is looking to sell 25,000 units by end of this year
  • It comes with SIM card slot and supports 3G connectivity

Notion Ink on Friday unveiled its new Able 10 convertible in India. Ahead of the launch, the Notion Ink Able 10 went on sale via Snapdeal, which is also the exclusive online partner of the company for the device. Priced at Rs. 24,990, the ‘2-in-1’ is now available to buy in the country.

Rohan Shravan, CEO, Notion Ink at the launch on Friday confirmed some details like the Able 10 will be sold via Snapdeal initially but the company will try to sell the ‘2-in-1’ via more channels later this year. Shravan also revealed that Notion Ink’s 60 percent user base was from corporate customers while 40 percent were regular consumers.

“We have made several changes to the Able 10 based on the feedback we received for our previous products,” Shravan told Gadgets 360. With its new models, Notion Ink is looking to capture around 30 percent market share of the ‘2-in-1’ hybrid devices, he added. Shravan also confirmed that the company is targeting to sell 25,000 units of the Able 10 by end of this year.

The biggest highlight of the Notion Ink’s new Able 10 is that it comes with SIM card slot and supports 3G connectivity. The company is also offering one year onsite warranty with the purchase of Able 10 ‘2-in-1’. In terms of specifications, the Notion Ink Able 10 features a 10.1-inch IPS multi-touch display offering a resolution of 1280×800 pixels.

Under the hood, it is powered by an Intel Cherrytrail x5-Z8300 quad-core processor (Z3735F) clocked at 1.34GHz, with 1.8GHz burst frequency. It packs 4GB DDR3L RAM and comes in 64GB inbuilt storage version which can be further expanded by up to 128GB via microSD card. It runs Windows 10 operating system. The device comes pre-loaded with several apps from Microsoft such as OneNote, Microsoft Office, Windows Store, Maps, Microsoft Edge, Money, Weather, Photos, Cortana, One Drive, and Xbox.

The Notion Ink Able 10 sports 2-megapixel front and rear cameras. Both the front and rear cameras pack OmniVision OV2680 sensors. It is powered by a large 8100mAh non-removable battery which the online retailer’s listing claims can deliver up to 7 hours of battery backup.

The Notion Ink Able 10 is available in metallic back and grey shade colour. It packs one UB 3.0 port. It measures 262×166.4×9.4mm and weighs 650 grams.

Yahoo Launches 4 Bots for Facebook Messenger and One of Them Is a Monkey

Yahoo Launches 4 Bots for Facebook Messenger and One of Them Is a Monkey
  • A bot each for news, finance, weather and a monkey pet
  • Three of these were earlier introduced in Kik
  • Yahoo Messenger has no support for bots

News, finance, weather and a monkey pet. Yahoo, the Internet giant that once was, is bringing four new bots to Facebook Messenger in a bid to grab a share of the pie that bots have become in the last year, even if their long-time engagement remains unproven at best.

The Yahoo News bot – found at @YahooNews – will help users discover trending stories and learn more about the topics that matter to you. You can also search for specific articles to share with your Facebook friends, if you’d rather open an IM app for that purpose instead of using regular search. (Or a keyboard app, as Gboard successfully showed.)

The Finance bot – @YahooFinance – is exclusive to Facebook Messenger, with the other three – news, weather and the virtual monkey – having been earlier developed for the messaging app Kik last month. “This bot allows you to search the latest news and information in order to stay on top of the stock market and ever-changing world of finance,” Yahoo said. “Follow market trends, read finance news and play fun games, then easily share information you find interesting with your friends.” Games inside a finance news bot? Sure, why not.

yahoo-new-four-bots-messenger.gifThe Weather bot (@YahooWeather) is as straightforward as it gets, displays the temperature outside along with an image off Flickr, which Yahoo owns.

The last of these bots comes with a virtual monkey – @MonkeyPet – who will share selfies from its virtual travels and even responds to your emojis. Okay, then.

There are currently more than 11,000 bots active on Facebook Messenger, and these four new ones by Yahoo seems to be an attempt to become relevant to new-age users that may have never heard of the company. And with its Internet services facing a sale this year, the company is doing its best to project a strong image, including at shareholders’ meetings.

Shame then that Yahoo’s own Messenger platform, which received a revamp last year, has no support for such bots.

Yahoo Mail Apps Revamped With Undo Send, Document

Yahoo Mail Apps Revamped With Undo Send, Document Preview, and More
  • iOS users can now undo send for an email
  • Android users get support for stationery
  • Other changes include updated home screen widgets

Yahoo Mail on Thursday introduced several new updates for iOS and Android mobile platforms that are focused on allowing users to add personal touch to their inbox.

Yahoo now allows iOS users to take back an email right after it’s been sent.

After you press send, an option to Undo will appear at the bottom of your inbox feed for three seconds. Just tap that and you’ll stop the email from sending.

Using Xobni technology, Yahoo will now give iOS users options to search for a person in mail, the company said in a statement.

In addition to their most recent emails, users will also be able to see their contact card with information including picture, phone number, and email history.

For Android users, Yahoo has introduced the Stationery feature that allows you to add an extra touch to your emails, making that birthday wish to your best friend or thank you letter to Grandma that much more special.

A few other updates include document preview, home screen widgets, disable swiping, spacing, and update to themes.

The new iOS and Android features are available in India and can be updated on the Yahoo Mail app from the App Store and the Play Store to the latest versions (iOS 4.5 and Android 5.6).

Google’s Now on Tap Makes It Easy to Translate Any Screen

Google's Now on Tap Makes It Easy to Translate Any Screen

Google Now on Tap, launched as part of Android Marshmallow last year, now allows you to translate text from any screen, the search giant announced on Wednesday. In order to use this service, you just need to hold down the home button and choose the option Translate this screen when Now on Tap pops up.

As of now, the option for translation will be available to the users who have their phone’s language set to English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, or Russian. When the content that user is viewing is in another language, it will be translated to the language being used in the phone.

Earlier you could select text and use Now on Tap to translate it, but with the update entire pages can be translated easily.

Google has further made QR code scanning apps obsolete as you can now scan usual bar codes or square-shaped QR codes right from Now on Tap itself and get relevant information for corresponding products on your phones. To use this feature, all you need to do is open your Camera app, point to any such code and open Now On Tap by holding down the home button.

The search giant has also introduced a Discover Section for Now On Tap that would fetch news articles, videos, and other content related to what is presently on your screen just through a single tap.

Last month, Google added several features to Now On Tap including a Nearby Places card that shows you nearby restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping, gas station, and ATMs. It also added a quick action tab that allows you to set up new reminders, create events, set alarm, start timer, navigate to work etc.

Snapchat Memories Will Let You Save Photos

Snapchat Memories Will Let You Save Photos, Videos

  • Memories is an album within where users can save photos and videos
  • They can later be uploaded as a Story, a slide show of contents
  • Stories disappear 24 hours after they are uploaded

Snapchat announced a new feature that enables users to save and share their content, a big change for the popular social messaging app widely used for sending photos and videos that disappear in a day.

The new feature, called “Memories,” is an album within the app where users can save photos and videos which they can later upload to their “Story,” a slide show of contents that disappears after 24 hours. Until now, photos and videos had to be immediately uploaded after being recorded.

The move could signal that Snapchat, known for immediacy, spontaneity and simplicity, is taking a shot at more mainstream social networks like Facebook .

In recent years Snapchat added advertising and sponsored contents as the company’s valuation grew to around $18 billion.

Its user base has also gotten older, with nearly 40 percent of users now aged between 25 – 34 in the United States. About 14 percent of users are above 35, according to digital measurer comScore.

“It’s fun to celebrate an anniversary or birthday by finding a few old snaps and stringing them together into a new story,” Snapchat said in the announcement made on its blog on Wednesday.

Snapchat has 150 million daily users, according to a Bloomberg report last month, surpassing Twitter , which has less than 140 million daily users.

Windows 10 Mobile Users Petition Makers to Bring It to the Platform

Pokemon Go: Windows 10 Mobile Users Petition Makers to Bring It to the Platform

  • The game has been released only in three countries so far
  • It is not available for Windows 10 users
  • Users petitioned Niantic to bring game to Windows

The Pokemon Go game app has taken the world by storm as hordes of Android and iOS users have been downloading and playing the game on their smartphones. While the app has been launched only in three countries, users worldwide have managed to install the game and are hooked onto it. While Android and iOS users are indulging in social chatter, Windows Phone users have been deprived of the mayhem. The users have joined hands and initiated a petition on Change.org asking the makers Niantic to make an app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users.

(Also see: Pokemon Go: 21 Pro Tips From People Who Spent the Whole Weekend Playing It)

The petition has managed to attract 41,600 supporters in a short time. The petition highlights compelling points to persuade Nintendo, Niantic Inc, and The Pokemon Company to bring the game to the Windows platform as well. It states that over 81 million devices have installed Windows 10 since its release in July last year, claiming that it is the most rapidly growing operating system in the world.

“The community composed of millions of loyal fans and users of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile humbly request Pokémon GO creators, Niantic, Inc., The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo Co., Ltd., to release Pokémon GO on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile alongside their Android and iOS counterparts,” the petition reads.

The Pokemon Go iOS app ran into a bit of a hiccup, when RedOwl analyst Adam Reeve revealed that thegame asks for full access to users’ Google accounts, instead of partial access. However, the makers Niantic soon released a statement that they were working on a fix, and will roll it out soon.

Pokemon Go Clones, Fake Apps Dominate Charts on iOS App Store

Pokemon Go Clones, Fake Apps Dominate Charts on iOS App Store

  • Pokemon Go is a new game for Android and iOS.
  • It is available in US, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.
  • iOS users in other regions are downloading clone apps.

If you have an Android phone, there’s a good chance you’ve read our piece on how to download Pokemon Go. If you have an iPhone or an iPad unless you have an App Store account in US, Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, there’s no way to play Pokemon Go.

There is always an opportunity for clones and fake apps where the demand is high and supply low. Pokemon Go is no exception. We checked the top free apps charts on various App Store regions and it appears that several clones are rising up the ranks.


Pokemon Go appears to have caught on Android phones in India, judging only on how many people in India have shared their experiences via comments on Gadgets 360 and emails. In the meanwhile, several iPhone users seem to be downloading a fake app called Go Catch Em All. It’s among the top 10 free iOS apps on the Indian App Store. We’re not sure how Apple even approved this game as it uses a screenshot from Pokemon Go. That said, if you’re among those playing Pokemon Go in India, be sure to read our handy guide.

Most reviews of the game say that the game forces them to post a review to progress and that it looks nothing like what the screenshots suggest. This fake game is the most popular free app in Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom, among many other regions.


China is one of the biggest markets for Apple and the iPhone is very popular there. The top free app in China is called City Elf Go. While it was released in March 2016, a few months before Pokemon Go, the concept – capturing elves in various locations – seems similar, even though this game doesn’t appear to have an augmented reality mode.

Several other clones such as Pocket Go Poke Evolution and Poke Poke Go are among top-ranked free apps across the world.

This shows that Nintendo, and the studio that developed this Pokemon – Niantic – didn’t anticipate just how popular this game would be. Come on Nintendo, just release it across the world already.

Google Launches Android Skilling and Certification Programme in India

Google Launches Android Skilling and Certification Programme in India

In a fillip to government’s Skill India initiative, technology giant Google on Monday launched its “Android Skilling and Certification” programme to help make the country a global hub of high-quality mobile developers.

The programme aims to train two million mobile developers by offering a slew of initiatives to train and certify talented students and developers in Android development.

“With nearly four million developers, India is expected to have [the] largest developer population globally by 2018. But today, only 25 percent of them are building for mobile,” Caesar Sengupta, Vice President (Product Management) at Google, told reporters in New Delhi.

India is uniquely placed to innovate and shape the internet experience of billions of users “who are and will come online on the mobile platform,” he added.

Google also launched an instructor-led training programme on Android fundamentals to provide an in-person training to students in universities.

In addition to all public and private universities and training institutes of the National Skill Development Corporation of India, the course will be available free of charge on NTPEL (an initiative of IITs and IISc) as part of its online “Mobile Computing” course, starting from July 18.

Google has tied up with training partners like Edureka, Koenig, Manipal Global, Simplilearn, Udacity and UpGrad who will operate as authorised Android training partners in India to help Google train the trainers and update Android courseware to prepare students for Android certification.

“By building a world-class curriculum and making it easily accessible to the students, we want to contribute to the Skill India initiative and make India the global leader in mobile app development,” Sengupta added.

Google also announced the launch of its globally recognised job-oriented “Associate Android Developer Certification” exam that will help candidates get an entry-level Android developer job.

After training, the aspiring candidates can log on to the Google Developer training website and take the certification exam priced at Rs. 6,500.

“We introduced the Android Nanodegree programme in India last year with Udacity and today, we have over 11,500 students in India enrolling every month in our courses,” said Peter Lubbers, Head of Google Developer Training.

Google will also open-source all Android Developer Fundamentals practicals and courseware and make these available to everyone for free.

Maharashtra Police Launches 4 Safety and Assistance Apps for Android

Maharashtra Police Launches 4 Safety and Assistance Apps for Android

In order to strengthen public security system, Maharashtra police has launched four mobile apps for timely intervention into emergency situations.

The four applications – Pratisaad-Ask, Police Mitra, Vahanchoritakrar and Railway helpline app – were launched by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis a fortnight ago in Nagpur, a statement from Maharashtra Police said.

With the launch of these apps, dependency on police emergency number 100 would reduce substantially and citizens can reach out to police to report any emergency situation or crime like robbery or assault on women 24X7, Director General of Maharashtra Police Praveen Dixit said.

“These apps would also help establishing better coordination among police force in the state as well as improve its own administration. The apps are currently supported on Android platform but will be soon available on iOS platform,” he said.

Users can download the apps for free from Google Play Store.

Beside message feature, apps will also receive all sorts of alerts, Dixit added.

Another official of State police said that through the four apps citizens can send complaints, photos of stolen vehicles, acting on which nearby beat police station will respond immediately.

“Through app Vahanchoritakrar, one can lodge complaint about stolen vehicles, while railway helpline app has been devised to offer help to railway passengers during emergency,” he said.

Police Mitra app, the official said, aims at improving police administration by assisting police force in crime prevention and detection as well as ensuring safety of women, children and senior citizens.