Twitter Partners Bloomberg to Live Stream Financial News

Twitter Partners Bloomberg to Live Stream Financial News

  • Twitter had partnered CBS for US President conventions earlier this week
  • Twitter will stream NFL games later this year
  • Twitter is on a spree to become a live-streaming site

The micro-blogging website Twitter and Bloomberg Media have signed a deal to live stream several media company’s TV news shows on Twitter platform.

The partnership includes streaming rights shows like Bloomberg West, What’d You Miss? and With All Due Respect, along with the network’s daily stock market coverage.

Although the amount of the deal was not disclosed, the two companies will share the ad revenue, technology website TechCrunch reported on Wednesday.

“Partnering with Bloomberg will give people on Twitter the best way to see live financial markets performance combined with the live commentary on the underlying drivers and implications,” said Anthony Noto, Twitter’s Chief Financial Officer, said in a statement.

“Twitter is one of the fastest ways to find out what’s happening in global business and financial markets, and to engage in the live commentary about it,” Noto added.

Twitter is on a spree to sign agreements across the spectrum to revive its fortunes.

Twitter signed a deal this week with the US television network CBS to stream both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions scheduled later this month.

It now has permission to broadcast the CBSN feed – the company’s 24-hour digital news streaming service – and anyone online can watch for free even if they do not have a Twitter account, Re/Code reported.

It is known that Twitter will make money from advertising when it will stream 10 NFL games later this year and CBS is a partner for those games too.

Last week, Twitter streamed live Wimbledon coverage.

Twitter is also in talks with the NBA, Major League Soccer (MLS) and Turner for more streaming rights.

Twitter Increases Gif Image Size Limit to 15MB

Twitter Increases Gif Image Size Limit to 15MB
  • Twitter now supports gif images up to 15MB in size
  • Mobile apps still adhere to 5MB size limit for gif images
  • It is unclear if Twitter will bring the new size limit to its apps

Don’t we all just love to post hilarious Simpsons gif images as replies to our friends or famous celebrities on Twitter? Of course we do. As it turns out, now we can do it in even better quality and longer durations, as Twitter has decided to increase the gif image size limit to 15MB.

Notably, the increase in gif image size limit applies to only the Web interface of Twitter. The mobile apps and TweetDeck still adhere to the previous limit of 5MB – it is unclear if Twitter intends to extend the increased limit to these platforms and third-party services.

Social networking websites seem to have realised the importance of these gif images, those embeddable moving images that are widely used as reaction posts or memes. Gif images are used to share very short-duration video clips (often with captions) and have been brought into the mainstream by websites such as 9Gag. The primary advantage gif images have over videos is that they allow you to make and share animations with much more ease, and in most cases are smaller in weight.

Although these might not seem like big advantages, gif images have proved to be game-changers with most users viewing the content on their mobiles and more importantly, on a data connection at most times.

In countries like India where connectivity is an issue, watching videos on data connection is still not as smooth an experience as one would wish. Also, because of limited attention span and time-availability, people are increasingly interested in just the best bits of an event, movie or TV shows that can be easily made available with gif images.

Maneka Gandhi Meets Twitter Team to Curb Harassment of Women

Maneka Gandhi Meets Twitter Team to Curb Harassment of Women

In a bid to address the issue of harassment of women on social media platforms, Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi met Twitter India team on Friday.

A Ministry statement said that if any woman or child faces abusive behaviour or violent threats (direct or indirect) on social media platforms, they should report it to the Ministry.

It was decided in the meeting that if the complaints are of grave nature, it will be reported to Twitter India for necessary action.

Gandhi also urged women to report harassment, hateful conduct, promotion of violence, direct attack or threatening other people to the Ministry.

On Wednesday, Gandhi had asked women to send their complaints to if they are being abused or harassed on social media platforms.

Ever since this message was sent out, the Ministry has been receiving a large number of complaints, the statement said.

The Twitter team led by Mahima Kaul, Head of Public Policy, Twitter India, highlighted that it has its owngrievance redressal mechanism to address the matter.

The Ministry will also be working with the cyber and crime cells of the police authorities, whenever required in this regard, it said.

Senior officials of the Ministry were also present at the meeting.

Twitter Reportedly Forces Tweet-Archiver PostGhost to Shut Down

Twitter Reportedly Forces Tweet-Archiver PostGhost to Shut Down

PostGhost – a nascent website that kept copies of deleted tweets sent by verified users – has decided to shut operations after micro-blogging site Twitter sent the start-up a notice.

PostGhost kept copies of tweets sent by verified users with more than 10,000 followers, the Verge reported on Monday.

Twitter sent a notice to PostGhost that recording deleted tweets was a violation of the service’s terms.

PostGhost agreed to shut down, with a detailed note to Twitter that such users are “public figures” that should have their tweets recorded.

“We believe that for such prominent verified Twitter users, the public has a right to see their public Twitter history, whether or not they grow to regret the statements they’ve made,” read a statement from PostGhost.

“We created the website to provide the public with a more accurate history of public statements made by the most influential public figures on Twitter.”

“We believe PostGhost provides a fairer and more transparent way of allowing individuals to hold public figures accountable than Politwoops, a website that Twitter has recently reauthorised to publish certain deleted tweets,” it added.

Recently, Politwoops, a project archiving the tweets of politicians, was shut down. It was, however, revived later after Twitter and Politwoops reached an understanding.

According to Twitter’s verification FAQ, Twitter verifies “key individuals and brands” who comprise “highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business and other key interest areas”.

Twitter does not “accept requests for verification from the general public”.

“In other words, verified Twitter users are not members of the general public – they are influential public figures with the ability to start trends and change opinions,” PostGhost said in a statement.

“We’re happy to continue a dialog and hopefully work towards a resolution that maintains user privacy while holding public figures accountable,” PostGhost told Twitter.

Twitter to Live Stream US Democratic, Republican Conventions

Twitter to Live Stream US Democratic, Republican Conventions

  • People can watch the convention live alongside tweets on the same
  • Twitter had recently started its live streaming feature with Wimbledon
  • Twitter will also stream NFL games later this year

Twitter says it will live-stream CBS News’ online coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions later this month, a first for the social media outlet.

People will be able to watch video of the conventions on mobile devices and desktops alongside a feed of political tweets, the company said on Monday. The GOP convention in Cleveland begins on July 18, with the Democrats in Philadelphia the following week.

Besides being the latest example of Twitter’s foray into video, the announcement is a major shot of exposure for CBSN, which is CBS News’ two-year-old live online stream.

“It makes us first among equals if you’re looking for convention video,” said David Rhodes, CBS News president.

NBC News also announced Monday that the broadcast network will offer one hour of prime-time news coverage on each of the four nights of the conventions, identical to ABC’s plans divulged last week. CBS hasn’t announced its plans, but is likely to do the same.

That in itself is a reflection of increased interest. In 2012, ABC, CBS and NBC had convention coverage on three of the four nights of each convention.

CBSN’s Josh Elliott, Elaine Quijano and Vladimir Duthiers will anchor the coverage on Twitter. Other CBS News anchors and reporters also will appear on the stream during hours the network is not in news coverage. CBSN does not simulcast CBS News’ television broadcast.

Although CBS does not say how many people watch its live stream, it claims steady growth. The Twitter exposure should attract viewers much like channel surfing does on television, Rhodes said. Since Twitter said that some of the early primary debates attracted some 4 million tweets apiece, there should be an audience available.

Twitter experimented with video during the recent Wimbledon tennis tournament and has announced plans to beam some NFL games this fall.

Political news has driven big ratings for cable news networks this year, which will likely offer near-nonstop convention coverage. With delegates opposed to Republican Donald Trump still talking about objecting to his nomination, and the long candidacy of Democrat Bernie Sanders, the conventions offer less predictability than in the recent past.

It’s somewhat unusual for the networks to be announcing their coverage plans so late, and there’s a reason for that. Rhodes said the parties, particularly the Republicans, have been less forthcoming about their own schedules than in recent election cycles.

“We don’t want anybody just to assume that we’re going to flip a switch and they’re going to be able to program to millions of people without any filter,” he said.

Rhodes said delaying an announcement of the network plans gives broadcasters some leverage in getting information about convention planning from the parties.