Google Play Music India Launch Coming Soon

googleplayFolks in India have been waiting for Google’s music streaming service to go live in their country for some time. Now it looks like their wait might be over very soon.

Google Play Music is only available in a handful of markets right and an expansion to India has never been officially ruled out so it wouldn’t be surprising if Google makes an official announcement soon. It would be great for people in that region.

Some Reddit users have spotted Google Play Music songs showing up in Google Search results accompanied by pricing in Indian rupees. And clicking on these search results opens up a partially working web interface for Google Play Music. So it seems like the evidence is pretty solid. It looks like a Google Play Music India launch is coming soon.

Single song prices range from Rs. 15 (about $0.10) and up to Rs. 175 ($2-3) for an entire album. Those may be promotional prices and they may be hiked once the service goes live in the country. We will have to see what happens. Apple Music is also live in the country, but Google Play Music will only give music lovers more choice and that is always a good thing. We should hear more soon.