Jio Phone Finally Gets Dedicated YouTube App

Jio Phone Finally Gets Dedicated YouTube App

After WhatsApp, the anticipated YouTube app has now ultimately reached Jio Phone. The app, which was initially scheduled for August 15 but rolled out only in batches last month, is now available for download through JioStore. It lets you watch YouTube videos while on-the-go and share them with your contacts through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) announced the imminent arrival of the YouTube app alongside a WhatsApp version for Jio Phone at its 41st Annual General Meeting (AGM) back in July.

To download the YouTube app on your Jio Phone, go to the JioStore from the main menu and then find the YouTube app from the listing. Now, press the Install option to begin the installation. The Jio Phone needs to run the latest software to enable access to the YouTube app. In our case, we were able to use the YouTube app on your Jio Phone running KaiOS 2.5 software version along with build number LYF-F90M-000-03-06-290818. You can look for the latest software update for your Jio Phone by going to Settings > Device > Software update.

Similar to the experience on Android and iOS, the YouTube for Jio Phone has a Home and Trending tabs. It also lets you sign in to your Google account to get personalised results under the Home tab. The screen size of the Jio Phone is quite smaller over what you have on an Android or iOS device. However, there is a full-screen option on the video player that moves the screen from portrait to landscape orientation. You can also share your favourite videos with your contacts over Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

The interface of the YouTube app on Jio Phone is similar to what you can see on your Android or iOS device. But notably, advanced features such as a Dark mode or the Incognito mode aren’t available. The app also doesn’t have the option to download videos to watch them offline. Furthermore, you need to move the on-screen cursor using the available D-Pad to navigate on the YouTube app. This annoys especially if you already used YouTube on an Android or iOS device. The T9 keypad on the original Jio Phone also makes it difficult to search for a favourite video on the YouTube app. But this won’t be the case if you have the Jio Phone 2 that features a QWERTY keyboard.

It is worth noting here that the overall experience of the YouTube app on Jio Phone is identical to how the YouTube site works on the Browser app. Nonetheless, the standalone app gives you the way to access YouTube directly from the menu.