Fallout 76: Nukes Disabled by Bug, Bethesda Says It’s ‘Investigating’

Fallout 76: Nukes Disabled by Bug, Bethesda Says It's 'Investigating'

Fallout 76 players, on New Year’s Day, discovered that nukes no longer work in the game. Players reported that nuclear missile launch codes no longer work in the game and new codes are unavailable. According to players nukes worked just fine in Fallout 76 till December 31, but from January 1, the codes stopped working. While there was speculation that nukes could have been disabled for an event, the makers of the game have confirmed that it’s not the case.

Bethesda has confirmed the issue on Twitter and said it is investigating it. “#Fallout76 Players: We’re aware of and actively investigating an issue with Nuke silo access. Thank you for your patience while we look into this issue,” the Bethesda tweet read. This goes to show that the unavailability of nukes in Fallout 76 is probably a bug and that we can hope to see that part of the game back soon.

Nuclear missiles are a key part of Fallout 76, which is a post-apocalyptic multiplayer role-playing game. Players must collaborate in the game to find bits of the nuclear launch code, which when combined lets them launch a nuclear missile in Fallout 76. Once you do that, the flora and fauna of the area where the explosion takes place becomes more lethal, allowing you the chance to gain better loot.

Fallout 76 is the first always-online game in the Fallout series and it has endured a rocky launch so far. In our Fallout 76 review, we mentioned that the game’s story isn’t anywhere near the standard set by its predecessors, and that due to the lack of non-playable characters to guide you in the game, the Fallout 76 world feels feels “empty, soulless, and devoid of any life”. In spite of an insane 48GB patch on consoles, Fallout 76 continues to underwhelm.