The Basics Of Bail Bonds

As you’ve probably heard, the United States has a higher proportion of incarcerated citizens to their free counterparts than virtually any country on the planet. Aside from the Phillippines, the United States is the only country to use the bail bond system. In 2016 alone, there were more than 10.5 million arrests made by law enforcement officers across the country. Considering that most people in the United States don’t have any money in savings, only the better-off portion of Americans can afford to get out of jail until trial rolls around. If you’re lost already, that’s OK. Here’s a breakdown of bail bonds and how they work.

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What Is Bail?

Thousands of people go to jail every day in the United States. Shortly after their arrests, a judge determines if they can be released until their trial date. As a way to increase the likelihood of these alleged criminals coming back to trial, judges set bail. In most cases, alleged criminals are required to post bail to leave. Bail is the cash amount judges require people to leave jail in the meantime.

What Is Bond?

Assume Bob has recently been granted the opportunity to bail out of jail for $500. If Bob has a bail bond company post bond for him rather than posting it himself, the $500 cash amount is referred to as bond. Bail bonds is simply another term for bonds.

Why Do People Use Bail Bonds?

As mentioned earlier, most people in the United States don’t have a spare few hundred or thousand dollars to loan to a court of law for a few months’ time. Rather, they reach out to professional bail bond service providers to get out of jail. In return for these companies risking money on people they might have no rapport built up with, alleged criminals are required to pay interest on those bail bond loans.

Bail bonds jefferson county colorado aren’t difficult to understand after reading about them. However, most people don’t understand how they work before they get arrested, leading to potential problems down the road.