3 Ways to Successfully Solve a Mystery

Sherlock Holmes is a cultural mainstay for a reason – he gives us the chance to feel what it’s like to be the smartest person in a room. While it’s unlikely you’d ever be solving crimes and engaging in a battle of wits with your arch nemesis like he does, there are several things we can learn from Holmes and various other detectives real or fictional, mainly within the realm of deduction and investigation. If you’ve ever wanted to expand your mind and understand why people do the things they do, here are three ways to successfully solve a mystery.

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1. Take Notes

Gathering evidence doesn’t matter if you can’t even remember it. Taking notes is an important part of any investigation, so don’t just try to memorize everything you see. While a strong memory is a helpful tool on its own, a good way to gain one is by writing down various observations about your daily life, teaching you to both observe your surroundings closely and remember them more clearly.

2. Be Sneaky

It’s not always going to be easy to find clues, so sometimes you’ll have to figure out how to obtain information in a more subtle way. Learning to be sneaky can be harder than it sounds, as we almost instinctively give ourselves away as suspicious the harder we try not to do that. Practicing following people (that you know) without them noticing and wear things like undercover clothes that you can covertly hide gear in for an added bonus on sneakiness.

3. Engage Your Brain

The most crucial thing you can do to learn to solve a mystery is to always be thinking. For that, it’s necessary to engage your brain in whatever you do. Even if it’s not related to the case at hand, keeping your thoughts flowing and active is a good way to prime your mind for processing information in a more in-depth manner.

Whether you’re a fan of detective shows or simply want to learn to be a bit more observant, these three tips for successfully solving a mystery are here to help make your dream of busting a case wide open a bit closer to reality.