Gadget Review: USB Super Charger

In our gadget review series for testing modern tech gadgets, we are happy today to review the following multi outlet power strip surge protector with 5 Port USB smart super charger. Thanks to QICENT, this nice gadget has been shipped to us for a review. We’ve tested the product and will show you the details in this review article.

USB Super Charger with surge protector gadget review


The review product arrived in a medium-sized package with a cardboard cover to protect the inner item. Delivery process was quite fast and the package without any damage. On the package, the product model states QICENT SA-2A5U, which is the official model number specified by manufacturer. Within the box, the main product, a small manual and a technical feedback card are included to get started.


After un-boxing the product package, all you have to do is to find an available power outlet and plug the end of its 4.9 feet power cord into a wall outlet. A button on the side lets you switch the device ON and OFF without the need to pull the whole cord plug. When the device is powered on, a blue LED flashes inside the USB ports. After a successful charging process, the device can be switched OFF completely so that it does not consume any energy in standby mode.


The surge protector from QICENT comes as a power and charging outlet for multiple devices and is designed to fit into any personal office (working and non-working) environments easily, but can also be used for travels. With its 5 USB ports, it allows users to charge up to 5 USB devices like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and other devices that can be charged with a USB cable connector.


The smart power strip is designed for 2 power outlets and 5 parallel USB charging ports. Each USB port provides a power charging capability with 5 Volts @ 2.4 Ampere (maximum of 8 Ampere in total – not 12 as 5*2.4 A might suggest). This is strong enough for an Apple iPad tablet to load quickly. The surge protector provides up to 1700 Joule and works with an electricity input (AC) of 100-250 Volts. With only 1 power outlet needed, this product can charge 5 USB + 2 AC devices like computers, notebooks or monitors at the same time!


USB Super Charger with surge protector multiple devices

USB Super Charger with surge protector multiple devices

USB Super Charger with surge protector box

USB Super Charger with surge protector gadget review USB Super Charger with surge protector gadget review

smart USB power strip with devices

Product Specifications

Product: 2-Port Surge Protector with USB Super Charger
Power Input: AC 100 – 250 @ 10 Ampere Volts
Power Ranging: 1250 Watt, 50/60 Hz(frequency)
USB Ports: 5x USB Ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously
USB Output: Max 2.4 A per port / 5 Volts with 40 Watt max
AC outlet ports: 2 x AC (alternating current port)
Protection: Lightning Surge Protection
Installation: Plug into available power outlet
Rapid Charging Supported with 5V 1A power batteries
Warranty: 12 month warranty by manufacturer


USB Super Charger with surge protector gadget review

Review conclusion

Our test product of the multi-outlet power strip from QICENT that provides 5 Port USB charger came without any issues and was super easy to install & use. The power strip works as expected and can charge up to 5 USB devices simultaneously. This is enough to load all of your devices at the same time. No need to decide anymore, whether to charge your phone or tablet first. Just plug-in the USB cable of your device and the USB power “station” will start charging it instantly. This device will replace most of your other charging devices. We used 4 of the 5 available USB ports, which was the maximum of devices. This power outlet simply has so many ports that you will be surprised if you really need them in rare situations (on your next LAN party? ?

The product is available for ca. $24 on Amazon. You can get it HERE.

We hope you liked this review and please let us know your thoughts of any kind in the comment section below ?