The Important Tests for Your Gas Station

Every gas station is different, but they are similar to one another in that each one has a complex system devoted to making the entire thing work. While you might think that a gas station is simple, the fact is that they are complicated and intricately designed. There are many things you will want to take into consideration, whether you already own a gas station or if you are interested in a new gas station construction. Here are several key factors you must remember when thinking about your gas station:

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Pressure Testing

Something that is usually overlooked is the maintenance of the pressure of your systems. Pressure that is too high or too low can not only cause problems with the operability of your system, either one can prove extremely dangerous. Be sure to have your system installed by a team that not only verifies and tests the pressure in every way possible but one that also will offer a detailed report and can replace or repair equipment with very little facility downtime.

Compliance Testing

With a complex system for your chemicals, there is a higher need to make sure your equipment is environmentally safe and non-harmful. Leaks are something that absolutely must not be allowed. Again, proper pressure testing will help with this, but thorough leak detection and investigation is also key, and the team you hire must be on top of this. Also, be sure to test the containment systems as well, and keep on eye on the air quality management.

Watertight Manways

Perhaps even more overlooked than the pressure of your systems, the very manways to your systems must also be properly maintained and designed. A watertight manway would be best, as it aids with limiting contaminations. Make sure the team you choose uses this type of manway and can install them without the need for you to shut down your facility.