Spark Email App Launched for Android, the Day Inbox by Gmail Shuts Down

Spark Email App Launched for Android, the Day Inbox by Gmail Shuts Down

Inbox by Gmail may be gone, but Spark for Android is a pretty good alternative


Spark is now available on Android

It’s free to download and has no ads

The app supports scheduling emails, and has a clean interface

Spark, a free email app made by Readdle, is now available on Android as well. The app was launched as a free app with no ads on iOS first, followed by Mac, and now it’s available on Android. Spark’s Android launch coincides with the deadline for Inbox by Google being shut down, which might prompt some of the latter’s users to switch. Spark is a great email app for those who love customisation. We’ve used it on iOS and Mac and we think its gesture-based UI on Android, along with the ability to customise the sidebar, and the Smart Inbox feature, make it worth checking out.

The Smart Inbox feature is one of the best features of Spark as it makes your inbox look much less intimidating. It neatly organises emails in separate areas in the inbox. For instance, at the top you’ll see a space for notifications, where your latest unread emails are displayed. Below that your pinned emails are displayed and finally the third area shows read emails.

This neat organisation requires no input from your end, and helps a lot with sorting out emails on your Android phone. Spark also lets you schedule emails with its Send Later feature, which was added to Gmail very recently.

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If you’re the sort who likes to keep a neat inbox without any intervention from your email service or app, then Spark’s gestures will appeal to you. These gestures let you swipe right or left to execute certain actions such as archive, delete, or mark as read/unread.

We’ve used Spark on Android for a short while and feel it’s a polished release. Spark also supports a passkey lock for you to keep your email safe from prying eyes, and multiple email accounts.

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Spark is available as a free download via Google Play and it is free to use with no ads for individual users. Spark for teams is free to use but if you want its full feature set that’s ideal for work teams, the pricing is $6.39 per user (roughly Rs. 450) per month.