Upgrades Worth Doing When Building

Building a house is both an exciting and stressful time. Trying to determine which features to add and which ones to leave out often give people anxiety. One of the questions you’ll frequently ask yourself is “I like that, but is it worth it?” There are a few things that are easier to do when building that would take a lot more effort and money down the road.

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Cat 6 Cabling

One of the things you can do when building a house is consider paying extra for category 6 cabling and installation of that cable. You could do it later down the road, but it is quicker and easier to get the cabling up while you don’t have sheetrocked walls. Cat 6 cabling makes for much faster ethernet and is backward compatible with older, slower connections. Cat 6 cabling isn’t futureproof, but it will last for a long time.

Indoor Lighting

Something that you could add later, but it better during building, is adding extra indoor lighting. Think of places in houses that are traditionally underlit. Kitchens are great candidates for extra lighting. You could spring for canned lighting in the ceiling, pendant lights over bars and islands, lighting strips under cabinets and even a light or two in the pantry. What sort of lights can you add that can brighten up these spaces?

Basement Depth

The best upgrade you can make while building is a deeper basement. This is so much harder to do after your house is built. How many times have you walked into a basement and the ceiling is way too low? You can upgrade to a deeper basement which will give you much better clearance and higher ceilings for basement rooms. This option may not be available in all areas, but if you have the opportunity, it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Most people think of paint, carpet or countertops when it comes to building upgrades, but sometimes it pays to think even longer term.