Yahoo Mail App Gets Design Update Focussing on One-Handed Usage, Includes Various Customisations

Yahoo Mail App Gets Design Update Focussing on One-Handed Usage, Includes Various Customisations

Yahoo Mail app update brings a new interface

  • Yahoo Mail app now comes with a customise bottom navigation bar
  • The app is designed taking care of Android 10 and iOS 13 devices
  • It offers a one-tap unsubscribe feature for newsletters

Yahoo Mail app has been updated with an all-new interface that is specifically designed for one-handed usage. The latest update also brings various Views to help users easily find their important email subscriptions and track travel updates with a single tap. Additionally, Yahoo is offering various customisations to the Yahoo Mail app to take on the likes of Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook. The app also includes dedicated dark mode access to let users read their emails in high contrast.

“Basically, two trends we’ve noticed over the past few years,” said Joshua Jacobson, Senior Director of Product Management for Yahoo Mail, in a conversation with Gadgets 360. “One is the change from people-to-people emails to business-to-people emails. The second big trend is most phones are just getting bigger and bigger, and their screens are actually getting larger. So in terms of the navigation, a lot of things we used to have to access different features, they have over the top.”

One of the key priorities for the Yahoo Mail team was to keep in mind the latest Android smartphones and iOS 13-based iPhone models while designing the new update. Jacobson stated that the team also considered the feedback it received from users through various channels and did a lot of user research.

“We’re trying to understand what is it that we can do for consumers to help them get the most out of email,” the executive told Gadgets 360.

The major change that you’d notice in the updated Yahoo Mail app is the new navigation design that brings a customisable bottom navigation bar instead of the earlier side panel that was available through a hamburger menu button — similar to what’s available on Gmail and Outlook apps.

You can customise the bottom navigation as per your requirement and replace the bottom tabs to meet your requirements. This means if you don’t want the Starred tab at the bottom, you can replace it with the People tab or the Unread tab.

“The updated navigation design brings the most content forefront — at the bottom of the screen,” noted Shiv Shankar, Director of Product Management for Yahoo Mail. “So it’s very easy for a single hand to access your inbox. Just tap on the Inbox, you can navigate to all your folders, just a single hand.”