3 Considerations for an Uncontested Divorce

Are you and your spouse considering going through the divorce process? If so, this can be a challenging time, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people can make important decisions, agree and remain as amicable as possible throughout the divorce process. An uncontested divorce tampa is possible, especially if you can agree on three important factors.

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  1. Custody

If you and your spouse can agree on custody issues and parenting time, you are well on your way to attempt an uncontested divorce, which will streamline the divorce process and save you tons of money. Custody and parenting time can be contentious issues. If you both agree, you not only move the divorce process forward, but you also spare the children from contention, stress and anxiety.

  1. Alimony

Alimony is like spousal support. If both parties are fair and equitable, you may be able to come to an agreement on what alimony should be. Coming to terms on the amount and duration of alimony is another important step in the process of coming to terms on the divorce.

  1. Assets

Who gets what? This is an important question and it can be a sticking point for those on bad terms as it becomes another way for one party to control the other. If you are able to keep a clear head and divide the assets in a way that makes sense for you, your spouse and your children, you are setting yourselves up for success and a clear path forward. If businesses are involved, this can be more complex, but it can be done.

Divorces are never easy, but they don’t have to be volatile and traumatic. If you and your spouse can keep clear heads, remain amicable and be equitable with parenting time and the division of assets, an uncontested divorce may be right for you.